ce approved 60t h mobile hot - definition of concrete batch plant

Compliance codes and codes of practice - WorkSafe

Code of practice: Lead. Note: On 1 July 2005 the Occupational Health and Safety Act 1985 was repealed and replaced by the OHS Act. The OHS Act does not provide for making codes of practice. Therefore complying with a code of practice may not necessarily mean compliance with a duty under the new Act. This code of practice has been made ...

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Public Works Frequently Asked Questions

For delivery to a public works project prevailing wage rates apply from the time the driver receives concrete at the batch plant to the time the driver returns to the batch plant. If a truck hauling concrete to a prevailing wage job does not return to the same batch plant the post-delivery drive to a different batch plant should be counted as ...

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Contractor Resources

The Documentation of Contract Quantities Guide (or Documentation Guide for short) is the documentation section of IDOTs Construction Manual containing policies which represent the minimum documentation requirements for use by construction personnel for the proper documentation of day to day events as well as contract pay quantities on the states highway construction projects.

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