Trajectory planning with obstacle avoidance for a concrete pump

Collision-Free and Energy-Saving Trajectory Planning for ...

Dec 10 2013 · Trajectory Planning of Boom System Based on Improved PSO. Because of the redundancy and difference of working requirement and environment the improved PSO algorithm is adopted to solve the inverse kinematic problem of the boom system when the concrete pump truck work. The calculation procedure is shown in Figure 3.

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Advanced Trajectory Planning for Obstacle Avoidance of ...

Sep 01 2010 · 8th IFAC Conference on Control Applications in Marine Systems Rostock-Warnemünde Germany September 15-17 2010 Advanced Trajectory Planning for Obstacle Avoidance of Multiple Unmanned Marine Vehicles (MUMVs) Thomas Glotzbach1 Bassam Alrifaee2 Matthias Schneider2 Marco Jacobi3 Armin Zimmermann4 Christoph Ament2 Institute for Systems and Robotics (ISR)

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Trajectory planning with obstacle avoidance for a concrete ...

Jan 01 2020 · In this pap r a trajectory planner for point-to-point otio of a concrete pu p is pr sented. he ethod is based on h r onic artificial pote tials to plan the tool center point otio in the task space and constrained quadratic opti ization to conver the task space o ion into the configuration space. he algorith is validated by si ulation for a five-link concre e pu p. ey ords: large-scale anipulator path and trajectory planning obstacle avoidance

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Time-optimal fold out of large-scale manipulators with ...

Jan 01 2019 · The five degrees of freedom large-scale manipulator (boom) of the mobile concrete pump is operated in an environment with several obstacles and its motion is restricted to meet a number of system and safety constraints. A trajectory planning strategy is presented in this work which allows to obtain nearly time-optimal trajectories.

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Obstacle Avoidance Benchmarking at the University of Zaragoza

An obstacle avoidance technique is a mechanism that given an obstacle configurationand a initialand goalpositions computes the best motion to drive the vehicle to the The result is a trajectorythat joins the initialand the goal. are: (i)obstacle distributionand (ii)initialand goalconfigurations. The outputis successif a collision

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